Mold Remediation Photo Gallery


Mold pic

Mold from a slow leak in the wall.

Car mold

We clean mold in cars too. This image is of one of the stages, of cleaning for mold in a car. 

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Legacy-Mt. Pleasant

This is an image taking recently, at Legacy Apartments in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They had a small mold issue. We cleaned it up, and made it "Like it never even happened"

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Mt. Pleasant, SC Mold

This image is of mold growth in one of the homes, we cleaned. Did you know that keeping moisture levels under control prevents mold? We can help with drying your space, in order to help prevent mold, or we can clean it up. Call us at 843-884-2258

Mold in Car

This image is of a car, we treated for mold. We have cleaned several cars in our area with mold, pollen, and carpet cleaning. If you car has cleaning to be done, you can call.

Mold Charleston, SC

This is an image from a store, in Downtown Charleston. They had some mold in the store, and in the duct work. We assessed the issue, then clean up the mold. We cleaned all duct work,as well as, treat it for any mold spores. The customer was happy with the work. 

Mold from water damage

This image shows a home in West Ashley, where the homeowner didn't notice the leak for a week. The photo shows the mold growth on the floor. We stepped in and handled the water needs, as well as, the ,mold clean-up.