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Mold pic

Mold from a slow leak in the wall.

Commercial Water damage

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

Carpet in a church after

This is an area rug in a church hall that we cleaned. This is the after picture.

Carpet in a church - before

Here's an area rug that is in a church hall. This is the before picture.

Cleaning floors part 2

Another picture of the floors being cleaned at a Mount Pleasant restaurant. This is the picture is from the kitchen.

Cleaning floors

During picture of flooring cleaning for a local Mount Pleasant restaurant. You can tell the difference between the left and right sides.

Crew on SIte

Mt.Pleasant crew working hard and cleaning up this after party at College of Charleston.

Merry Christmas

We want to say "Merry Christmas" to all our people. Our office tree looks great in green! Happy New year too!

As always, we are here, call us at 843-884-2258

Prepared before the storm

Unfortunately, our SERVPRO, has had 4 years in a row of storms. While, we hate that our neighbors went through this; we are prepared to be there. This is an image of one our customers, in South Caroling, who had water damage. 

Photo of Readings

Here is an image of the crew taking the moisture readings. We like to have pictures, to show the numbers. This way we can protect the homeowners in an unforeseen situation. 

National Guard Fire

The National Guard, recently suffered a fire loss. SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant, SC was on the scene fast get to get started. We hope to wrap this work up, this week. 

Mt. Pleasant, SC Expo

This years booth, at the Mt. Pleasant expo. 

Car mold

We clean mold in cars too. This image is of one of the stages, of cleaning for mold in a car. 

If you have any mold concerns, us at 843-884-2258

Cigarette in Trash Can= no good

This is an image of a fire damage we did; where the tenant put a cigarette butt in the trash can. We was able to clean up this property, very quickly.

If you have a fire, we can help. Call us at 843-884-2258

Downtown Charleston- Storm 2017

This image is of another historic home, in Downtown Charleston, SC. We was able to get to help this home owner, with their storm clean-up. If you need any help with water damage call us at 843-884-2258

Storm 2017-Charleston

This is an image of a historic home, in Downtown Charleston. This client, has been hit 3 years in a row. While we are upset, our client, has had this happen; we are pleased we were able to help. 

Legacy-Mt. Pleasant

This is an image taking recently, at Legacy Apartments in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They had a small mold issue. We cleaned it up, and made it "Like it never even happened"

Call us at 843-884-2258

Seacoast Church

We recently, had the pleasure of helping, Seacoast Church. This image is in the hallway, with our equipment in place. We were happy to be there and help!

If you have a commercial loss, call us at 843-884-2258

Thank you

We recently, started handing out the thank you postcards, to get feed back. We are pleased to see our crews are doing a great job. 

Call us at 843-884-2258

Leaking Ceiling

In this photo, you can see we had to cut out the ceiling. This customer had a leak in the ceiling. We go there and dried it out fast.

If you have a leaking ceiling, call us at 843-884-2258

Let the Drying Begin

This photo is of a property, we recently dried. As you can see, they had laminate flooring. We pulled out the wet floor, and started drying the sub-floor. 

If you need help with a water loss, call us at 843-884-2258

Mt. Pleasant, SC Mold

This image is of mold growth in one of the homes, we cleaned. Did you know that keeping moisture levels under control prevents mold? We can help with drying your space, in order to help prevent mold, or we can clean it up. Call us at 843-884-2258

O2 Fitness Daniel Island, SC

This image is of the dressing rooms in O2 fitness. One of the showers leaked causing a lot of water. The manage was super pleased, we made it so fast to their water loss. 

Downtown Charleston, Toilet leak

This image is of a downtown Charleston store. The toilet leaked all the way out through the store. We was able to clean up all the water, dry the unit, and disinfect everything. The store opened on time, "like it never even happened".

Refrigerator Waterlines

We have had several refrigerator waterline leaks this past year. This image shows one of the homes that had water line leak. This home we arrived in time to save all floors.

Water Damage Charleston, SC

This image is of one of our most recent water damages. This home had water coming out of the second story. One of the neighbors noticed the water coming out and called the fire department. We were called in to start the water mitigation. The homeowner, who was out of the country, was pleased we stepped in so fast.

Mold in Car

This image is of a car, we treated for mold. We have cleaned several cars in our area with mold, pollen, and carpet cleaning. If you car has cleaning to be done, you can call.

Mold Charleston, SC

This is an image from a store, in Downtown Charleston. They had some mold in the store, and in the duct work. We assessed the issue, then clean up the mold. We cleaned all duct work,as well as, treat it for any mold spores. The customer was happy with the work. 

Mold from water damage

This image shows a home in West Ashley, where the homeowner didn't notice the leak for a week. The photo shows the mold growth on the floor. We stepped in and handled the water needs, as well as, the ,mold clean-up. 

West Ashley, SC Water

This image is of a home in West Ashley. The homeowner had just remodeled the home and was getting ready to move in, when they noticed a leak from the refrigerator water line. The line had leaked for about a week, saturating the whole home. We stepped immediately to take care of their needs. 

Hurricane Matthew- meter readings

Some of the homes Downtown Charleston took longer to dry, so we took a picture of the meter readings. This was to help the customer with insurance. We honestly care, and didn't want anyone after this storm to have a claim denied. 

Downtown Charleston Home- Debris at Street

This image shows a small amount of debris at the street, after Hurricane Matthew. These homeowners lost a lot belongings, our trash crews had a busy few months. We stepped right in and helped the homeowners with their belongings, as well as, whatever was necessary to get their homes dry. 

Charleston SC- Flyway

This image, not only shows damage from Hurricane Matthew, but it shows our commercial work scope. There is no job SERVPRO can't handle, with our sister and brother offices, ready to help.

Charleston SC- Hurricane Matthew

This image is of another home in Downtown Charleston, SC. This home, had to have many of its floors removed, and drywall. These homes are not only historical, but people live here. This is why we strive to make it " like it never even happened"

Floors of a Downtown Charleston Home- Hurricane Matthew

This is one of the many homes, we helped with their water damage needs from Hurricane Matthew. This home had to have every floor removed. This image shows one room, after we pulled the floors out.

College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

Did you know, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston/Mt. Pleasant is contracted to clean the College of Charleston? Our office cleans all furniture, carpets, and handles all water loss for them. We make sure all dorms are ready for students, each year. 

Rick Hendrick Toyota, Charleston, SC

This image is of the garage fire, at Rick Hendrick Toyota, in Charleston, SC. As you can tell it was covered in soot. The garage had an attached car wash as well. We got to work and made it "Like it never even happened".

197 Spring St. Fire

This was the aftermath of a electrical fire in Charleston when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage

This was the aftermath of a water damage in Charleston, SC when we arrived on the scene. There was significant water damage to the den and hall. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to extract the water and dry everything. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Bio Hazard

A very unfortunate situation, but we handle every situation out there.

Give us a call for any disaster.

Applebee's Fire Moncks Corner, SC

The is the floor of the men's bathroom after the cleaning;. Not a bit of smoke to be found on the floor. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Applebee's Fire Moncks Corner

This is the floor of the men's bathroom, in Applebee's, before the cleaning. It was completely covered in soot and water, from the fire. Our crew got to work and made it "like it never even happened".

Applesbee's Fire Moncks Corner

The tile floor in the entrance before the cleaning.

Applebee's Fire Moncks Corner

Tile floor entrance after cleaning. This turned out better than we thought. Can't even tell it was affected by fire.

Applebee's Fire Moncks Corner

Kitchen floor of Applebee's. The middle section of the picture is what the rest of the floor looked like. The orange tile was a dark as the middle of the picture.