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Not one to Brag But

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

We recently hired a new Sales rep. His first day was today, actually. We are not ones to brag, but thank goodness he was here, and one of technicians, Lewis! This poor elderly lady, taking her 2 granddaughters out to Skyzone for the day, got a flat. We tried to put air in the tire with zero luck. The guys got right to work, putting on her spare. Welcome, Nanda Ragala and thank you so much to you and Lewis Pinckney. Great Job Guys!

SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant?

We are locally owned franchise, who's combined family experience is over 40 years! This is a letter the father of the current owner received back in 1975! As a whole, we here at SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant take the time to understand our customers needs. If by some chance we don't know the answer, we find it immediately. Cleve and Janice Smith, are always here to give us advice to this day. We are not just the people who come during a disaster, we are always giving advice and helping our neighbors. 

Aside from the family, and our employees, SERVPRO's are like family to each other. This means no loss is too big for us as a company, because we can call in the re-reinforcements. As a whole SERVPRO has studied the fastest response plans and has an amazing plan of action in place. 

So, whether you choose SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant or another office, you are in good hands. 


Great Reputation

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

I just wanted to share a story with our clients. I often have to run errands, which requires me to forward calls to my phone. Anyhow, I ran out to the post office, and the phone rings, of course I answer! Thank you for calling SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant, how may I help you? As you know, our phones are answered by us, not a call center, 24/7. It was actually a sales recording. But, the lady in front of me introduces herself, with a big smile, and says “Cleve Smith has been cleaning our carpets for 25 years, thank you all so much”. I smiled back and was in AWW, that our company made her smile, and that she thought so much of Cleve Smith, father of the current owner, Kevin Smith. So, when I get asked “why SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant?” this is why, we have a great reputation.

Office Manager


7/5/2018 (Permalink)

We at SERVPRO of Mt. Pleasant, team up with some of the best companies out there to handle your mold needs. We have a company that we recommend for testing. We often get asked ‘why we don’t do the testing ourselves?”. Well, that could be a conflict of interest, since we clean the mold up. We want you, as our customer, to be in god hands.  Once it is confirmed to be a mold problem, we assess the damage. If you have clothes or fabrics that need mold removed, we have a textile place to get them done too. So, we want our customers to know we are here from beginning to end, to make it “Like it never even happened”.

If you suspect mold or are just have questions, call us at 843-884-2258. We are here 24-7 for your emergency needs, and 8am to 5pm, weekdays for anything else.

Helpful tips

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Our office specializes on mold clean-up, so we often get asked questions about mold. Here is some tips to help:

“Mold Inspection

Do you think mold might be growing somewhere in your home? If so then you should have a mold inspection performed.

Goals of a Mold Inspection

There are two goals of a mold inspection. The first is to find if and where mold is growing in your home. The second is to find the water problem which caused the mold to grow in the first place.

Why You Should Have A Mold Inspection

The obvious reason to have a mold inspection is if you think you have a mold problem in your home. Even if you already know where mold is growing in your home it is a good idea to perform a mold inspection since visible mold growth often means there is more mold growing somewhere out of view.

Signs of Mold

Some common reasons to suspect you could have a mold problem include:

  • You are suffering allergic symptoms
  • You notice a mold smell
  • You have had a water problem, for example: flooding, leaking pipes or a leaking roof

You can look here for more signs of mold problems

Hiring a Professional Mold Inspector

It's always best to hire a professional mold inspector to do the mold inspection for you. Thanks to mold inspectors' experience and their knowledge of spots where mold most often hides, you can be sure that if there's any mold in your home that they will find it.

Mold inspectors also use special equipment like moisture meters and fiber optics. This allows them to find hot spots where mold is most likely growing and look into hidden areas such as behind walls. This way they can find any and all hidden mold while barely disturbing your home.

History of Water Problems

It's important to think of recent water problems you've had in your home when it comes to preparing for a mold inspection.

If you hire a professional mold inspector it's a good idea to let them know about any leaks, floods or any other moisture problems you've had in your home. If you are performing the mold inspection yourself then knowing about places which had water problems in the past will give you clues about where the mold is most likely growing.

There might have even been water problems in the past which you never found out about. By looking for signs of moisture like warped surfaces, water stains or peeling paint you might find recent water problems which have lead to mold growth. 

You should also identify areas which have the potential for water problems such as where pipes run, air conditioner leaks, possible leaking roofs or where water collects after flooding.

Finding Mold During the Inspection

If you decide to do the mold inspection yourself then you need to thoroughly search for mold in every room of your house including the attic and the basement.

Special attention should be paid to areas around water sources such as near the shower or bathtub, sinks or pipes. You should check especially carefully the areas which have had any history of moisture problems in the past. During your search for mold if you do find any water leaks this can then lead you to where mold is growing.

Some common places where mold often grows is on substances high in cellulose such as drywall, under carpets, in insulation or in ventilation ducts.”

If you need a mold clean-up, call us at 843-884-2258

Basics of Mold

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

What is Mold?

Mold, is a type of fungus.  Molds are decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. The spores and hair-like bodies of individual mold colonies are too small for us to see without a microscope. When a lot of mold is growing on a surface, it often appears black or green. The color of mold is influenced by the nutrient source and the age of the colony. If mold is growing behind vinyl wallpaper, colorful pink or purple splotches may appear. Mold growing on fabric is called mildew.

What Does Mold Need to Grow?

Mold needs water to grow; without water mold cannot grow. Mold also needs food, oxygen and a temperature between 40 degrees and 100 degrees F. Since mold decomposes dead organic (once living) material it can grow on wood, the paper facing on gypsum board (drywall) and other materials made from wood. Mold can also digest some synthetic materials such as adhesives, pastes and paints. While mold cannot get nutrients from inorganic material such as concrete, glass and metal, it can grow on the dirt present on these surfaces. Molds like damp and wet materials and moisture in air.  Some molds get moisture from the air when the air has  relative humidity  above 80%. The high humidity makes surfaces damp enough for mold to grow.

How Does Mold Spread?

Mold can grow by extension of hyphae that are like tiny root hairs. In this way, a small colony of mold can expand to cover many square feet of material. Mold can also make spores that are like very small seeds. Spores can survive conditions that are too sunny, hot, cold, dry or wet for mold to grow. When spores are released they can be carried by air or water to new locations. Some spores are so small that they are more affected by air currents than by gravity. When spores land on a damp surface that has food and oxygen available, and if the temperature suits them, they will start to grow. It is important to realize that mold spores are present everywhere, in outside air as well as indoor air – unless very special precautions are taken to remove or kill them. Everyday we are exposed to airborne mold spores from outdoor sources, sometimes at high concentrations. It is almost impossible to create a mold free space or to keep a space mold free. What we can do – and should do – is control the amount of mold in our indoor environments.

SERVPRO of Mount Pleasant does Mold Remediation. We give Free Estimates on Mold Remediation. Call us at 843-884-2258

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